Negotiation Skills for The Oil & Gas Industry


Negotiation Skills for The Oil & Gas Industry


The objectives of this workshop are to improve the outcomes of negotiations by enhancing your negotiating skills.You will learn to apply a structured approach to negotiating which, combined with the practice sessions incorporated into this programme, will improve your negotiating confidence. You will be exposed to the Breakthrough Negotiation Strategy to help you achieve results in difficult and complex negotiations.

You will learn how to:

• Plan and prepare for negotiations

• Recognise the vital steps in a negotiated settlement and to exhaust one step before proceeding to the next

• Improve your communication skills and achieve better results

• Resolve impasse and handle difficult negotiations

• Negotiation in teams

• Negotiation in an international petroleum environment taking into account cultural differences.


Negotiation as a Process
• What do we mean by negotiation?
• Are you a potential negotiator?
• Key negotiating steps

Preparing for your negotiation
• Five keys to preparation

• Knowing your subject, knowing your counterpart, preparing your tactics

• An invaluable tool – preparation checklists

Initiating and Presentation
• The importance of initiation and how to initiate
• The importance of presentation after initiation are before bargaining

• Developing your bargaining strategy
• Effective bargaining techniques
• How and when to avoid premature bargaining
• How to resolve impasse and deal with conflict
• Getting concessions

Closing the Deal Successfully
• How to recognise closing signals
• Confirmation and follow-up

Communication and human behaviour in negotiations

• Seven steps to effective communication

• Verbal and non-verbal communication

• Learning how to listen

• Dealing with different personalities

• How to communicate to influence the other side

• Negotiating by phone or e-mail

Team negotiations

• How to negotiation in teams

Breakthrough negotiations

• What we mean by Breakthrough Strategy

Handling international negotiations

• Recognising cultural differences

• How cultural differences affect negotiations

• Preparing for international negotiations

Dealing with conflict

• The causes of negotiationg conflict

• How to assess your own conflict management style

• How to handle conflict negotiations


This introductory to intermediate level workshop is aimed at those with little or no previous negotiation experience and who wish to improve their ability and confidence. It is suitable for a variety of professionals working in the oil & gas industry. It is suited for those involved in commercial and inter-personal negotiations.

Instruktur :

Nurjihad, S.H., M.Hum


  • ·Module / Handout
  • ·CD  softcopy Materi
  • Sertifikat
  • Bag or bagpackers
  • Training Kit
  • 2xCoffe Break & 1 Lunch
  • Souvenir
  • Airport pickup service(for Yogya)
  • Training room full AC and Multimedia

Waktu dan Tempat

Yogyakarta /Bali/Jakarta

23-25 Oktober 2012

20-22 November 2012

11-13 Desember 2012

Biaya  Training : Yogyakarta 6.000.000/peserta

Bali  10.000.000

Jakarta 6.500.000/peserta

Min quota 3 orang.

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