Oil And Gas Data Interpretation


Oil And Gas Data Interpretation

Hotel Ibis Yogyakarta l 1 – 3 Oktober 2014 l 08.00-16.00 WIB

Rp.6.000.000,- per peserta (Non-Residential)

Rp.5.000.000,- per peserta (Pendaftaran 4 peserta dari 1 perusahaan)


Insufficient knowledge and experience create trouble for optimized interpretation of seismic and reservoir modeling leading to efficient& successful reservoir characterization and development.
This tailored training course will scrutinize the most critical considerations and solutions covering the above areas. More importantly, it looks into the real application with trainer’s sharing of many of his notable projects. The trainer brings in all real case studies to share his 30 years experience in doing superior seismic interpretation and reservoir development in challenging environments such as deep water system.(ep)


  1. Understanding ofOil & Gas Operations Data
  • DrillingEngineeringData
  • ProductionEngineeringData
  • EconomicalAnalysis ofData
  1. Introduction
  • Effect of Logging Data/Information to Drilling Operation and Production Operation
  • Logging Data to Optimize Drilling Operation
  • Logging Data to Determine Problems during Production
  1. Formation Evaluation in Open Hole
  • Fluid Reservoir Characteristics
  • Permeable, impermeable and Shale Layer Identification
  • Interpretation relationship Basic
  • Porosity and Mineral Identification Determination
  • Summary of Loss-Circulation Identification with Temperature Log
  1. Formation Evaluation on Cased Hole
  • Cement Strength Measurement tool
  • Limitation, Measurement and Interpretation
  1. Logging Tools Production
  • Lithology Data Logging
  • Logging for Reservoir/Information  Data
  • Neutron Lifetime Log (NLL)
  • Temperature Log
  • Radial-Differential temperature Log
  • Noise Log
  1. Fluid Location and Condition within Pipe
  • One Phase Flow with Pipe
  • Multi Phase Flow within Pipe
  • Spinner-Flow Meter Logging


Dr. Ir. Drs. Herianto, MSc

He was graduated from Petroleum Engineering Dept. of ITB and got his MSC/DIC in Reservoir Engineering from Dept. Geology Imperial College (ICST) London at 1973.He has worked for about 36 years as lecturer at ITB and currently as Chairman of Dept. Oil and Gas ITSB Bandung, active as lecturer, he is also active as consultant for pipelines in Oil & Gas sector and  has  designed about 100 gas lift wells in Reservoir, Drilling, Production Operations and NGL.  He also designed Jet Pump for Kalimantan and also worked to supervise ESP and horizontal drilling for ZU and B structures and studied the reservoir in the areas.


Operations personnel, recent graduates & engineers who require practical experience of operations, Production Engineer, Laboratories Production, Control Room environment and the use of distributed control systems.


  • Certificate, Training Kit, Module / Handout, Softcopy (USB Flashdisk), Bag or Backpackers, Lunch, Coffee Break, Souvenir
  • Transportasi antar jemput selama training ( bandara / stasiun/ terminal, Hotel-tempat pelatihan PP)


  • Presentation
  • Discussion
  • Case Study
  • Evaluation


Biaya Investasi: Rp.6.000.000,- per peserta (Non Residential)

Rp.5.000.000,- per peserta (Pendaftaran 4 peserta dari 1 perusahaan)


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