Heat Exchanger Design and Calculations


Heat Exchanger Design and Calculations  

Yogyakarta, 21 s.d 28 Januari 2013


  • Learn the general design considerations covering process side, air side, fan selection and physical properties
  • Investigate thermal design principles, counter current exchangers and extended surfaces
  • Explore process-side events and responses, including single and two phase heat transfer, boiling, condensing and fouling

Course Content

1. Fundamental of heat transfer and fluid mechanic theory

  •  Mechanism of heat transfer
  • Overall heat transfer coefficient
  •   Inside film coefficient
  •   Outside film coefficient
  •  Heat duty
  •   Sensible heat
  •   Latent heat
  •   Heat lost to atmosphere
  •   Heat transfer from a fire tube

2. General heat exchanger types an components

  •   Shell-and Tube Heat exchanger
  •   Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
  •  Plate-and-Frame Heat Exchanger
  •  Force-Air Heat Exchanger
  •  Waste Heat Recovery

3. Characteristic of heat exchanger

  •   Liquid to liquid heat exchanger
  •   Gas to gas heat exchanger
  •   Liquid to gas heat exchanger
  •   Air cooler or forced-air heat exchanger
  • Steam generator
  •  Condenser

4. Applicable standard for design and calculation of heat exchanger

  •   TEMA
  •   ASME

5. Selection of heat exchanger

  •   Classification
  •   Type
  •   Service fluid and fluid placement
  •   Operating condition

6. Material selection based on standard of ASTM

  •   Tube
  •  Tube sheet
  • Flange
  •   Nozzle
  •   Shell
  •   Stud bolt, etc

7. Basic design of heat exchanger

  •   Method in design and calculation
  •   Steps to design
  •   Example of calculation problem

8. Performance of heat exchanger
– Performance parameter
9. Service life time, reliability and maintenance
10. General review of thermal insulation

  •   Requirement
  •   Benefit of insulation on thermal equipment

11. Type of thermal insulation

  •  Characteristic
  • Selection of material for proper application

12. Insulation thickness calculation

  •  Economic insulation thickness calculation
  •   Heat loss calculation
  •   Introduction to applicable tables and practical formula to define pipe insulation

13. Real case studies of calculation from field experience problem


  • Designers and operators of air cooled heat exchangers in process and power industries
  • Engineers involved in the specification of air-cooled heat exchangers for the full range of process applications including condensers, gas and liquid coolers
  • Anyone requiring to assess technical proposals for air cooled heat exchanger equipment
  • Engineers involved in the design, specification, or operation of process or power heat recovery equipment, including heat recovery steam generators will find the material appropriate.
  • New engineers wishing to gain experience in heat transfer and heat exchanger design

Course Methode

  • Presentation
  • Discuss
  • Case Study
  • Evaluation
  • Simulation


DR.Ir. Harwin Saptoadi, MSc. & Team

  • Pakar sekaligus praktisi di bidang  Mechanical Engineering
  • Aktif sebagai pembicara dan instruktur dalam berbagai pelatihan dan seminar terkait bidang Industrial Engineering

Time & Venue

21 s.d 28 Januari 2013

08.00 – 16.00 WIB

Ibis Hotels Malioboro

Course Fee

Public Training (NON RESIDENTIAL)

Rp. 6.550.000,-/nett per participant  non  residential

**Special Rate Rp 5.000.000,-/ nett per participant Non Residential For Register Min 5 Participant from the same company**

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